Issues currently confirmed in Forestopia

This is the “Forestopia” operation team.

We confirmed the following issues happened in the game.

■ Issues confirmed
・Some animals move around the island without walking animation.
・On iOS, some players can’t start the game from title screen after launching the app.
→Please contact us from the below support form.
・On iOS16, the game may become unstable.
→ We are currently investigating the issue if it may be caused by iOS specifications or not.
・An incorrect background image may be displayed in a terrarium.
・Even music is turned off in the info tab, sounds are played unintentionally after getting back from ads. And in this case, music setting is still off in the info tab.
・Recommended friends are not displayed under a certain condition.
The problem recommended friends are not displayed when opening “Recommended” tab after opening “Store” and/or “Friends” tab.
→ It may be resolved reopening “Recommended” tab by once closing the dialog.
Terrarium placement is no longer in order of island release

We are sorry for your inconvenience.

If you have any further troubles or problems, please contact us from the below support form.

Thank you for your continued support of Forestopia.