Version update 1.2.0

Thank you for playing Forestopia.
New version will be available around 11:00 JST on 2022 November 29th (Tue).
The main contents of this update are as below:

1.Preparation for Christmas Event
  Happy Christmas Event will be available from December 1st (Thu) 15:00 JST

2.A doggo house is added
  A doggo house which is able to exchange “A doggo terrarium” newly appears.
  A doggo House will appear when the island is expanded to the second level.
  In addition, “Bone Treat” will be added to the Friend Coin exchange lineup.
  In addition, “Bone Treat” will appear more rarely when cleaning up trash on the island.

3.Dress-up feature
  You can dress-up Yeti and lab.
  In addition, several types of of dress-up items will be added to coincide with the Happy Christmas event.

4. Various adjustments
  The required numbers of food for “Terrarium of Grassland” and “Terrarium of Improved Grassland” will be adjusted to be less.
  Contents of some main quests will be adjusted.

5. New items
  New items will be added to the store.
This version update will be available in the store in due course.
If you do not see the update information, please check back in time.

Enjoy your Forestopia life!