Add new feature, “Mushroom Harvest”

Thank you for playing Forestopia.

In ver. 1.12.0, “Mushroom Harvest” becomes available.
Play this new mini-game to get special decorations and items!

■How to Play■

  1. Tap “Fungus” on the island or “Fungus” button on the menu screen.
  2. Tap 2 of the 12 tiles
  3. If both of flipped tiles are the same, you can get the item.

    If not, the flipped tiles are returned to their original position.
  4. The game ends when the tile is turned over 12 times.


  • You can enjoy the event with the latest version.
    • Please update Forestopia to ver1.12.0
  • To play “Mushroom Harvest”, the area “White bay” needs to be unlocked.
  • Please note once you finish playing the mini-game, you will no longer be able to acquire the items you have collected at that point.
  • Once you finish playing the mini-game, you must wait 15 minutes to play again.
  • If you finish the mini-game once, you can flip 3 more times by watching the ad.
  • The contents of the event are subject to change without notice.

Enjoy your Forestopia life!