GooglePlay price update(10/21 12:55JST)

Thank you for playing Forestopia.
We plan to update the prices of GooglePlay at the following date and time.
Due to this price change, you will temporarily be unable to purchase items for sale, regardless of the OS of your device.
As soon as the price update is completed, we will notify you within this announcement.
If you keep playing the game from before the price update, the previous price may be displayed.
Please check the price on the final payment screen of the store before making a purchase.

(10/21 12:55JST)
The price update was completed at the following date and time.
Completion date and time
October 21st 12:55 JST
All items is now purchasable.
*If you are unable to purchase, please try restarting the game.

<Operation time>
At October 21st 11:00 JST

Enjoy your Forestopia life!